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Last Light at Elgol

Some additional images to my Scotland – Glen Coe and Isle of Skye post on 7/24/2016.  The sun didn’t set at Elgol on the Isle of Skye until until 1030 PM and we arrived with […]

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Crescent City CA Sunset

During a recent visit to photograph redwoods in northern California, I hoped for the right light conditions to photograph sunsets along the coast. Unfortunately, the marine layer with heavy cloud cover dominated the weather and […]

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Poppies Along the California Coast

The importance of visualization in photography cannot be overstated, nor should it be overthought. The idea of imagining (or visualizing) an image before triggering the shutter seems to be an essential – and intuitive – […]

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Rocky Mountain National Park – Golden Hour Light, 19-21 Jun 2014

I’ve made several trips to RMNP – enough to have ideas on focus areas for return visits and better or different conditions. My photographic objectives for this short trip were: sunrise at Moraine Park; sunrise […]

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More Irises 2014

More irises from Hillsborough State Park and Brooker Creek Preserve. In the first several images, my goal was use of a wide-angle lens to place the flowers in the context of their environment.   The […]

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Iris Bloom 2014

As much of the rest of the Nation experiences late season weather, spring has come to Florida.  One of my best indicators is the annual iris bloom, which occurs in the Tampa area mid-March to […]

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Hillsborough River Flow

Hillsborough River State Park is located approximately 12 miles north of Tampa FL and is an area I visit regularly to photograph.  I find cloudy or overcast conditions best to photograph at this location – […]

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23-24 Feb 2013: Great Falls Park, VA/MD

Approximately 20 miles upriver from Washington DC, the Potomac River builds up speed and force, plunging over a series of falls and cascades and then flows through the narrow Mather Gorge.   Two parks administered […]

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5 Jan 13: Hillsborough River State Park, Tampa, FL

One of the jewels of the Florida State Park system, Hillsborough River State Park lies about 12 miles north of Tampa FL on US301.  The Hillsborough River flows over the southernmost rapids in the United […]

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A great sunset was followed the next morning by a great sunrise.  The day started in Horseshoe Meadow – a herd of elk grazed, Canadian Geese honked, and turkeys gobbled.  I’m always looking for bodies […]

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