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Small Reflections

My post Reflections on 5/16/2016 talked about reflections of big and grand subjects. This image of an Eastern Amberwing (Perithemis tenera) reminds me that reflections don’t need to be big to be grand!

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The Anole King

“Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” From The Lion King This quote somehow seems appropriate to this Green Anole (Anoles carolinensis).  The kingdom was a small, but the anole seemed proud!    

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Scotland – Glen Coe and Isle of Skye

I recently spent a week in Scotland, photographing in Glen Coe and the Isle of Skye. The weather was photographically challenging – overcast and rain interspersed with short periods of sun – good Scottish weather.   […]

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Prothonotary Warbler

I’ve been doing some long lens photography recently – primarily focused on local birds. I’ve become fascinated by the Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria citrea) which consistently can be found at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa.   This […]

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National Park Week – Celebrating America’s Best Idea

My first national park visit was to Acadia in 1980. I’ve since visited and photographed 35 with a goal of photographing them all. To celebrate, I intend to post on INSTAGRAM a favorite image during […]

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Bald Eagle

I love outdoor photography! You step outside with a camera, and you never know what nature will provide. Your only certainty is the uncertainty. In this case, I took a short late afternoon trip to […]

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Alligator on the Hunt

My wife and I took an out of town guest to Brooker Creek Preserve in Pinellas County FL for a late afternoon walk several weekends ago. Our guest wanted a sense of natural Florida and […]

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Photographing Wildlife

I don’t consider myself to be a wildlife photographer. My approach to wildlife is primarily as an aspect of the landscape I photograph; a compositional element to be considered holistically in the environment and image I’m shooting. […]

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Acadia National Park 1980

I’m currently planning for a photography trip to Acadia National Park – a location I seem to visit about every five years. Part of my photo trip planning consists of reviewing photographs from previous visits, […]

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Crescent City CA Sunset

During a recent visit to photograph redwoods in northern California, I hoped for the right light conditions to photograph sunsets along the coast. Unfortunately, the marine layer with heavy cloud cover dominated the weather and […]

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