I hiked the Taylor Creek trail to Double Arch in the Kolob Canyon section of the park.  Quite a difference from the crowds in the main canyon from the previous day.  I saw two others on the hike in…passed a few more as I hiked out.  Fairly easy 5.5 mile round trip.  At the end is a unique double arch…notice the 6 foot icicles hanging from the lower rim.  I had the wrong lens to best capture the arch – needed 18-20 mm range…I had 25mm on the low end.  This is probably a better fall location…lots of barren trees in the foreground which should have good color in the fall.

Double Arch on Taylor Creek trail in Kolob Canyon. Nikon D300, Nikon 17-35mm, Singh Ray warming polarizer, Gitzo tripod, Kirk BH-3 ballhead. (c)Chuck Lockett Photo

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